Digital private banking’s experience

The customer expectations of a private bank are changing, driven by the growing influence of other sectors. Advisory has also evolved a lot because of limiting and time-consuming regulations.

AirWealth provides advisors with time-saving tools, and eases the connections with their customers so that they can be more frequent, proactive, and opportunity-driven.

Knowing your customer is a gold mine currently not modelled in a fully-exploitable way.

Our customer relationship management module changes the game and identifies short-term business opportunities using large-scale analysis.

Unique customer experience

A high-quality reporting and relevant interactions

Management of the commercial activity

An utter and smart tool which detects and follows-up business opportunities for clients

Quick implementation

The platform easily connect with our customers’ systems. Our assistance service maximizes the value of each project.


The AirWealth platform is organized using several modules. It can be deployed and configured to meet clients’ expectancies and open new opportunities in the future.

The data from the existing systems, the use of the platform, and from the internet is key. Through our machine learning algorithms, we use this data to offer value-added analyzes and empower the relationship with the advisor.


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